What is MOVE Transfer?

The grassroots sport sector takes pride in sharing good practices and ISCA, as part of our ongoing work, has become aware of many practices that have proven so successful that transferring them to other settings would seem a very valuable investment. But this has not often happened.

That is why ISCA created the MOVE Transfer methodology. MOVE Transfer aims to transfer and scale up good examples of grassroots sport initiatives from organisation to organisation, from city to city, and from country to country.

What is “transferring” and what is “scaling up”?

Transferring (also referred to as Transfer) is a process of exchange, by which a physical activity initiative, the knowledge behind it and the professional expertise of the organisation that runs it is transferred from one organisation to another organisation and implemented by the new organisation.
Scaling up (also referred to as Scale-up) is a process in which a physical activity initiative is increased in scope or coverage within the same organisation and country. With the scale up process, the number of participants/users/target groups reached by the physical activity initiative is expected to increase and in turn enhance the initiative’s implementation and the capacity of the organisation as a whole.

Would you like to transfer an initiative?

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MOVE Transfer

When MOVE Transfer started in 2013, we aimed to scale-up and transfer good examples of grassroots sport initiatives for hard-to-reach populations at a national and international level:

MOVE Transfer national, a 10-month process of transferring successful initiatives from one organisation and community to another organisation and community in the same country.

MOVE Transfer international, an 18-month process of transferring good examples from one country to another country

The MOVE Transfer national and international processes involved extensive consultation from ISCA and an advisory board appointed especially to the project. This served to develop the capacity of the initiatives and the organisations delivering them in both settings. By the end of the project, 16 national and 10 international transfers have been completed.

MOVE Transfer national initiatives in 2015/2016:
Fair Play Football Roadshow, Oltalom Sport Association, Hungary: Roma youth who are facing discrimination and racism
TE.IS Program, Hungarian School Sport Federation, Hungary: Underprivileged students from the Hungarian convergence regions
Club TE (Think Extreme), MOVE, Malta: Youth from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and refugees
Social inclusion in/through sport, Sports Union of Slovenia (SUS): Children with physical disabilities
BE Special, Association Sport for All Suceava, Romania: Special Olympics athletes
Mountain for all (La montagna per tutti), UISP - Comitato Trento, Italy: Blind people
Active Tuesdays, South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture, Scotland: Seniors
Every Step Counts (Elke stap telt), OKRA-SPORT, Belgium: Seniors
MOVE Transfer international initiatives in 2015/2016:
Initiative Transfer organisation Receiving organisation
Active Age DTB, Germany Czech Sokol Organisation, Czech Republic
Active Parks Birmingham City Council, UK V4SPORT Foundation, World Games 2017 and Municipality of Wroclaw, Poland
Doorstep Sport Clubs StreetGames, UK Independent Organisation for Sport Education in Kosovo (OESK)
Summer on the MOVE Kunsill Malti għall-iSport, Malta Serbian Sport for All Association, Serbia
Sports Outreach Ulster University, Belfast, N. Ireland University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy

About ISCA

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Would you like to transfer an initiative?

Success story from MOVE Transfer International:

Transfer of Sports Outreach from Ulster University (Northern Ireland) to University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (Italy)

  • Sports Outreach (SO) is Ulster University’s flagship community sport and physical activity unit which widens access for young people traditionally not associated with Higher Education and fractured communities suffering from the legacy Northern Ireland’s troubles. The key to the success and sustainability of our activity is to ensure to have the correct mix of people, strategy and an understanding of logistics – all of which must be underpinned by a positive ‘can do, will do’ culture.

    Deirdre Brennan and Richard Gormley, Ulster University, Northern Ireland

  • MOVE Transfer International is the project that offers a deeper understanding of specifics between countries, builds new partnerships and allows the transfer of knowledge and examples of good practices between them. The Faculty of Sport (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) received the Sports Outreach Model from Ulster University. On the basis of this excellent example of good practice, we adapted the content to the context in Slovenia and successfully implemented the project ‘8-week programme for active lifestyles among students’. We are happy that we can ‘pass the ball forward’ to countries that are having the same problems as Slovenia and are facing an increasing proportion of residents with unhealthy lifestyles.

    Matej Majerič, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia