It’s all about transferring and scaling up !


Boost your initiative!

Are you offering a physical activity initiative for hard-to-reach populations in your sport organisation or local community?

Would you like to transfer it to a new setting in your country (another organisation, another community)?

Or would you like to scale up your initiative using an innovative approach?

If you answered yes, then we invite you to apply to be part of the MOVE Transfer!

Please read more information in the

Call for MOVE Transfer national initiatives in 2015/2016 and below

Apply now !

MOVE TRANSFER is a 10-month process

consisting of extensive consultation on and development of your initiative, leading to the transfer or scale-up of the initiative within a national context.

Here are some of the features of the MOVE transfer process:


A customised action plan (developed between your organisation and ISCA project staff) outlining the purpose, scope and methodology for the transfer/scale-up of your initiative.

  • 2 meetings with all MOVE Transfer initiatives (kick-off and final meeting) and with ISCA and/or experts to ensure the networking and knowledge sharing.
  • One on-site visit with ISCA and/or experts to ensure the knowledge base for implementation of the transfer and that the expectations and activities are balanced.
  • Ongoing consultations between ISCA project staff and your organisation to follow the transfer procedure and indicators.
  • Multilateral workshops on topics selected by the participants in connection with ISCA’s Annual Conference and General Assembly.       This will give you opportunities to network with 300 participants from around the world who are looking for new insights and good practice examples from organisations in grassroots sport.


  • Mid-term evaluation to ensure the process is going according to your needs
  • End-term evaluation to ensure the process has fulfilled your needs
  • Additional evaluation as the project management team or your organisation deems necessary


  • Addition to all events and consultations described on the left, we will support with 3000 € (cash contribution) the implementation of the transfer or scale up of the initiative.
  • Public relations support for disseminating and amplifying the impact/human interest stories of the transfer or scale-up.
  • Communications support in telling the story of how sending and receiving organisations are contributing to the NowWeMOVE campaign vision of 100 million more people active in physical activity by 2020.