Move Transfer

The Facilitated
MOVE Transfer Process

What is the MOVE Transfer Process?

MOVE Transfer, as a process, is intended to improve and accelerate organisational performance in delivering physical activity interventions by enabling and supporting the sharing of good practice and learning from another effective organisation in the field. A derivative of this intervention is scaling up (MOVE Transfer National) where the transfer of good practice took place within the same organisation – perhaps in another department or geographical location. MOVE Transfer International involved the facilitated transfer of an initiative from an organisation in one country to an organisation in another country.

MOVE Transfer can be used as a vehicle for sharing good practice and innovative ideas amongst organisations and subsequently enhancing the nature of physical activity opportunities provided to the hardest to reach populations.

Steps of the MOVE Transfer process:

  • Identify a good practice you would like transfer to or from your organisation/country.
  • Contact ISCA for an introductory conversation on the possibilities.
  • Complete a self-assesment evaluation to gauge your readiness for the MOVE Transfer process.
  • Work with ISCA's MOVE Transfer team to prepare a customised action plan (developed between participating organisation and ISCA project staff) outlining the purpose, scope and methodology for the transfer/scale-up of your initiative.
  • Prepare for a one on-site visit with ISCA and/or experts to ensure the knowledge base for implementation of the transfer and that the expectations and activities are balanced.
  • Rest assured with ongoing consultations between ISCA project staff and your organisation to follow the transfer process and evaluate the progress.
  • Mid-term and final personalised assessment.
  • End-term evaluation to ensure the process has fulfilled your needs.
  • Additional evaluation as the project management team or your organisation deems necessary.
  • Measuring the impact of the transferred practice.