Transfers in 2014/2015

MOVE Transfer national initiatives selected in 2014/2015

Healthy exercise programme ABC, Sports Union of Slovenia

Interethnic Cup, Association Sport for All Suceava, Romania

Project ASALEE, UFOLEP, France

Let’s Train Together 2.0, SD Partizan Skofja Loka, Slovenia

Hungarian School Sports Day, Hungarian School Sport Federation

Cardio rehabilitation program, Ubaefitness, s.l., Spain

Sportscene, South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture, Scotland

1 km in health: homogeneous walking groups, UISP, Italy

MOVE Transfer international initiatives selected in 2014/2015:

Doorstep Sport Clubs, StreetGames, UK

Active Parks, Birmingham city, UK

Active Age, DTB, Germany

Summer on the MOVE, Kunsill Malti għall-iSport, Malta

Ulster sport outreach, University of Ulster, Belfast, N. Ireland, UK

MOVE Transfer National

In 2014/2015 ISCA identified 8 physical activity initiatives for hard-to-reach populations that have run successfully and could be scaled up or transferred to a new setting in the same country (another organisation, another community). This is being done via the MOVE Transfer national process.

Initiative: Healthy exercise programme ABC

Organisation: Sports Union of Slovenia

Target group: Physically inactive or moderately inactive people over 20 years. It includes individuals who: have completed the national programme Cindi or another programme implemented by a health care institution; are recovering from a disease; have shown symptoms of chronic non-communicable disease but do not yet meet the conditions to be treated through the public health system; and those who would like to be physically active but need some guidance.

Description: The ABC programme is designed to introduce inactive and less active people to a light workout which is safe for beginners and progresses gradually over three difficulty levels (A, B and C). It is delivered by local sports clubs that are part of the country’s Healthy Society Network.

 Initiative: Interetnika (Interethnic Cup)

Organisation: Association Sport for All Suceava, Romania

Target group: Young people in detention/prison for various criminal activities. Children aged from 10-18 years with speech, hearing or vision impairment who are placed in special schools.

Description: The first activity, the Interethnic Cup, is a two-day event that gives prisoners a break in their routines and the opportunity to be physically active. Activities include a football tournament together with the prison guards. The second activity is delivered with the Bethany Social Services Foundation and aims to give children with disabilities and their families opportunities to be physically active.

Initiative: ASALEE project

Organisation: UFOLEP

Target group: Sedentary adults and/or seniors affected by chronic diseases. These people are already identified in a database through their diseases.

Description: The ASALEE project integrates physical activity into the therapeutic protocol of patients affected by chronic diseases. UFOLEP and its initiatives are developing new partnerships with medical teams, which follow each patient with the help of a nurse and regularly assess the patient’s health progress.

Initiative: Let’s train together 2.0

Organisation: SD Partizan Skofja Loka, Slovenia

Target group: People with disabilities (particularly youth and seniors)

Description: Organising “mixed ability” sport, physical activities, leisure and fitness programmes, engaging different groups such as youth and seniors with disabilities. Disseminating the knowledge to other sports centres or schools that work with people with disabilities.

Initiative: Hungarian School Sport Day

Organisation: Hungarian School Sport Federation

Target group: Students at primary and secondary schools from 6-18 years, particularly those with disabilities and from disadvantaged regions.

Description: A one-day event held at the beginning of each school year for students to participate in non-competitive physical activity and try different activities. The goal is for the children to be active for at least 120 minutes during the day.

Initiative: Cardio rehabilitation program

Organisation: Ubaefitness s.l., Spain

Target group: Patients who have had a coronary problem or disease and are reluctant to take up physical activity. There is no age or gender limit, but they must be sent by doctors from family health care centres.

Description: A 3 day-per-week workout for patients who have had a coronary disease. The initiative is carried out by a cross-sector alliance of health care, municipal and sports centre professionals. It includes training of instructors and monitoring and evaluation of the patients’ progress by the doctors.

Initiative: Sportscene

Organisation: South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture, Scotland, UK

Target group: Young people aged 8-25 years who are predominantly identified via local community groups, the community police, integrated children’s services and outreach workers. They are often in trouble and demonstrate antisocial behaviour.

Description: The initiative offers different sports from football to gymnastics. The volunteers are given access to first aid training right through to UKCC coach education sessions. There is also a health intervention element addressing smoking cessation through to sexual health information.

Initiative: 1 km in salute (1 km in health)

Organisation: Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti (UISP, Italian Union of Sport for All), Italy

Target group: People of all ages who don’t do any physical activity.

Description: A test to determine a person’s ideal speed of walking or running, with the objective of forming homogenous walking groups.

MOVE Transfer International

In 2014/2015 ISCA identified three national sport organisations, one local authority and one university with initiatives that were highly suitable for being transferred to another country. We believed these transfer organisation has the capacity to facilitate the transfer, to further enhance the initiative and share their success across Europe. We also believed that their experience in running physical activity initiatives would ensure a high quality transfer of the selected initiative.

Initiative: Doorstep Sport Clubs

Transfer organisation: StreetGames, UK

Receiving organisation: The Independent Organisation for Sport Education in Kosovo (OESK)

Doorstep sport is an approach that has been at the heart of StreetGames’ activities since the non-profit organisation began in 2007. The secret of its success is its motto of delivering attractive physical activity offers to socially disadvantaged youth “at the right time, the right price, the right place and in the right style”, says StreetGames’ CEO Jane Ashworth. A doorstep sport club is not a traditional, organised grassroots sport club as we often know it. It is an informal, yet carefully thought out, delivery of physical activity sessions by local community sport and recreation providers that is tailored to each target group’s needs.

Find out more about Doorstep Sport Clubs here

Initiative: Active Parks

Transfer organisation: Birmingham City Council, UK

Receiving organisation: V4SPORT Foundation in partnership with the World Games 2017 and Municipality of Wroclaw, Poland

Active Parks was created by Birmingham City Council to offer free physical activities to the local public in parks and other open spaces. The initiative started in Birmingham and has now been rolled out to 50 parks in Birmingham, Newcastle and London. Coca-Cola Great Britain pledged its support behind Active Parks in 2014 and the expanded initiative is now known as Coca-Cola Zero ParkLives.

Find out more about Active Parks here and here:

Initiative: Active Age

Transfer organisation: Deutscher Turner-Bund (DTB), Germany

Receiving organisation: Czech Sokol Organisation, Czech Republic

The 18-month Europe-wide Active Age Project was completed under the EU’s Preparatory Actions in the Field of Sport and aimed to build awareness and capacity in the field of active aging. Its results were used to produce a handbook Capacity Building for Physical Activity of Older People containing recommendations, guidelines and practical tools for organisations to promote active aging. The project has also inspired the creation of a new networking platform for stakeholders in active ageing, Moving Age.

Find out more about Active Age and Moving Age

Initiative: Summer on the Move

Transfer organisation: Sport Malta (KMS), Malta

Receiving organisation: Serbian Sport for All Association, Serbia

Summer on the Move started in Malta in 2010 as a way to get Maltese adults and children active during the summer months. Around 29 activities were offered at schools, clubs and sports facilities between July and September in 2014. The activities ranged from canoeing and aquatic sports to hip-hop dancing, tai chi and team sports. The summer festival of physical activity attracts more than 3,500 participants each year.

Find out more about Summer on the Move here

Initiative: Ulster Sports Outreach (USO)

Transfer organisation: Ulster University, Northern Ireland, UK

Receiving organisations: Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Department of Human Sciences, Society and Health, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy

Ulster Sports Outreach (USO) is a strategic initiative of the Ulster Sports Academy. USO is led by professionals in the area of physical education and sports development. USO facilitates a range of programmes aimed at widening access to sport and physical activity to young people across the province whilst also enhancing Ulster Sports Academy students’ professional, practical and employability skills. USO does this by engaging Ulster Sports Academy student volunteers in quality assured programming designed to promote the positive values of sport and physical activity.

Find out more about Ulster Sport Outreach here