MOVE Transfer Europe-China partners to present at World Leisure Congress


By Rachel Payne, ISCA

ISCA's MOVE Transfer Europe-China project partners will showcase the results of their two-year collaboration at the hybrid World Leisure Congress in Pinggu (Beijing, China) on 15-21 April 2021. All together, they submitted, and had accepted, 13 presentations for the Congress. Registration is still open for the World Leisure Congress, where ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby and Head of Membership and Campaigns Laska Nenova will also present.

ISCA’s MOVE Transfer Europe-China project is developing individual skills and organisational networks that aim to drive sport participation and mutual relations forward between China and the EU. A group of 55 grassroots sport leaders from 40 organisations in 20 countries (in Europe and China, including Hong Kong and Macau) have been part of the two-year MOVE Transfer journey.

After the group gathered in Budapest for the project’s kick-off meeting in October 2019, the Covid-19 crisis forced all of their planned exchanges for 2020 online. But their activities continued, with 27 online meetings, four webinars and an online conference being held throughout the year. This European-Chinese model of online collaboration is unique in the grassroots sport sector.

Our European and Chinese partners are working locally and across continents to deliver physical activity initiatives in three focus areas: Active Schools, Active Ageing and Outdoor Activities. The Active Schools Group includes 11 Chinese and eight European organisations and five external experts; the Active Ageing Group consists of 11 Chinese and five European organisations and three external experts; and the Outdoor Activities Group comprises six Chinese and 10 European organisations and three external experts.

The project's closing meeting wil take place in connection with the Congress on 19-21 April.