MOVE Transfer Europe-China position statement on Outdoor Physical Activity beyond 2020


By MOVE Transfer Europe-China Outdoor Activity Group

The MOVE Transfer Europe-China project’s Outdoor Sports Group believes that outdoor sport and physical activities are especially important – and that this became even more evident when indoor facilities were shut down during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

One major positive outcome from the restrictions was the increase in the number of people engaging in non-structured outdoor physical activity in many countries, primarily walking, running and cycling. 

Playing sport outdoors was also seen as being a safer option as countries reopened. So we want to continue the momentum of outdoor sport and physical activity as a popular way of keeping active during and after the crisis. 

To ensure the sustainability and recovery of outdoor sport and physical activity post-Covid, we believe that it is key to: 

  • Create participatory or co-creative processes by involving key stakeholders, such as grassroots sport and physical activity providers, as well as participants, in creating and updating outdoor sport and recreation policies.  
  • Put emphasis on the wider promotion of outdoor activities in order to encourage long-lasting habitual change.
  • Promote an outdoor sports culture and provide skills training to the people delivering the activities.
  • Support underrepresented and disadvantaged groups who are suffering the most from the pandemic by creating opportunities for them to engage in outdoor activities.
  • Convince governments to build more outdoor sports facilities, sheltered outdoor areas and facilities for self-organised physical activity. 

This position statement was launched at the hybrid World Leisure Congress in Pinggu, China, and online in April.

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Watch the full position statement video below: