MOVE Transfer Europe-China partners from Slovenia, UK and France share a common objective: promoting active ageing


By Hilal Erkoca, ISCA

ISCA’s MOVE Transfer Europe-China project is developing individual competencies and organisational networks that will drive sport participation and mutual relations forward between China and the EU. In this article series, we look at the different settings our European and Chinese partners are focusing on locally and across continents to deliver physical activity initiatives. After all partners gathered in-person in Budapest last October, the Covid-19 crisis forced all 2020 exchanges online. But the activities have continued, and the European-Chinese model of online collaboration is unique in grassroots sport.

In this article, we profile the work our partners are doing in the setting ‘Sports clubs including dance and gymnastics for all age groups with a special focus on active ageing’.

Programme and organiser: ABC programme, Janez Ovsenek, Sports Union of Slovenia

The ABC healthy exercise programme was designed by the Sports Union of Slovenia more than 10 years ago. It is a high-level interdisciplinary exercise program that was the result of an interdisciplinary cooperation between several experts.

The target group is elderly people aged 65+. It was first implemented as a pilot project in a nursing home where the average age of the participants was 80. The booklets including physical exercises so that the elderly person can work out by themselves without any assistance.

When sports facilities in Slovenia closed during the lockdown, they used the booklets to help people continue exercising at home.

Photo: Youth Sport Trust,UK

Programme and organiser: Active Across Ages, Viv Holt, Youth Sport Trust, UK

The Active Across the Ages Project links young people from a number of schools in the UK with senior citizens in a variety of settings. The project looks at ways they can exercise together and socially interact. There is an expert panel supporting the implementation which includes National Health England, Help the Aged and several universities.

Within the framework of the MOVE Transfer Europe-China project, 10 pilot projects have already taken place. Each project is unique because it was developed by the participants. The interesting results of the project are that the young people noticed that their leadership and communication skills improved, and 95% of the young participants now believe they have a better view and understanding of old people.

Programme and organiser: Active Prevention for Seniors Project, Dusan Pjevac, Azur Sport Sante, France

The main goal of this programme is to combat the loss of autonomy among elderly people and prevent isolation and the appearance of chronic diseases among the elderly.

The association organises the programmes led by local coaches based on health enhancing physical activity with the goal of developing a sustainable offer. The programmes consist of cardiovascular exercise, muscle strengthening, balance and flexibility sessions.

One of challenges they are finding among seniors is access to adequate facilities to undertake physical activity. They work a lot with municipalities to use their facilities – sport centres, in particular – but this is not possible in rural areas.

Through the MOVE Transfer Europe-China project they are offering three months of their programme organised for free.