MOVE Transfer position statement on Active Ageing beyond 2020


By MOVE Transfer Europe-China Active Ageing Group

The World Health Organisation states that by 2050 22% of the world’s population will be over 60 years of age.

The MOVE Transfer Europe-China project’s Active Ageing partners believe that sport and physical activity programmes for elderly people can have a positive effect on societies, health and economies worldwide. Participation in physical activity results in improved health, plays an important part in maintaining and improving our physical fitness, mental health, emotional, psychological, social well-being and cognitive function. Group practice helps to prevent isolation and solitude.

We know that some of the main aggravating factors concerning Covid-19 (high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and sedentariness) can be prevented and/or improved by regular physical activity.

In order to learn from what we observed during the pandemic and to make physical activity more effective for the elderly, we believe that it is key to: 

•    Place emphasis the promotion of activities for the elderly to encourage long-lasting habitual change. 
•    Lobby governments and local authorities to develop more sports venues and facilities and financially support physical activity programs for the elderly.
•    Provide access to open outdoor spaces and indoor spaces for the elderly. 
•    Increase awareness and knowledge of the needs of the elderly for physical activity in general.
•    Support social interaction and intergenerational cooperation.
•    Increase online advocacy campaigns highlighting new activities that can be done at home.

This position statement was launched at the hybrid World Leisure Congress in Pinggu, China, and online in April.

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Watch the full position statement video below: